We manage your project – 360 degrees

We manage your project – 360 degrees


We track the progress, stock and invoices of your site. You just keep an eye on real-time reports we generate More on Products & Services for SME Construction Companies.

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        With Agile Civil Engineers

Preliminary estimate and detailed project report (DPR) helps you to decide requirements that suit your budget or vice-versa.

* A client requires to expand their factory. We evaluate their various options and locations to find where and what size of factory is optimal and suitable for them.
*A client had 100,000 sqm of semi-urban land. We help her decide whether (and what type of) hotel is marketable at the location
*Another client has 1000 sqm and wants to construct a Convention Centre. We advise him what kind of structure and how many floors is economical for his requirement.
*A client experiences severe water logging in one area of their factory campus. We assess what is the cause of the problem and approximately how much it costs to rectify the problem.
*A major developer is planning a township. We prepare detailed project report with road, drainage and infrastructure layout, net buildable areas and commercial ratios.


*Architecture, BIM & BOQ, Contract Documents, Constructability Review,
*Detailed Project Reports, Drainage, Environmental Impact, Elevations, ETP, Fair Cost Estimates, FEED
*Gantt Chart Schedules, Highways, Hydrology, Illumination, Interior Designs, Layouts, Land-Use Planning, Lighting, Landscape
*Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Systems, Material-Take-Off
*Pre-Project Planning (PPP), Pre-bid Engineering, Quality Control, Quantity Survey
*Reconnaissance, Roads, Railways, Rainwater Harvesting, Risk Assessments
*Structural Drawings, Sanitations, Solid waste management, Topographic Surveys, Traffic Analysis
*Water Supply & Waste Water Engineering, Xeriscaping



*Detailed estimate is made once the drawings are prepared and clients requirements are addressed by detail engineering.
*The process involves quantity survey, material take-off and cost estimation. We have a database covering construction rates across India and Middle East.
*Similarly, We can also provide you a cash-flow schedule highlighting on what key dates what your total expenditure on the project might be. This helps you plan utilization of funds in proper fashion based upon inflow and outflows on your other projects.


In most cases, when you invite two or three contractors to quote based on your broad requirement (such as 25,000 sft building in four floors), the quotations you receive may not be comparable. This is because, each of them may consider a different tile, paint, concrete grade or steel grade or different methods of construction such as vibratory rollers, piling etc. Many contractors exclude some items of work (such as drainage works or roof top insulations) whereas others may include the same. The net result is ambiguity, followed by dispute, followed by frustration.
Instead, it is advisable to prepare a scope of work and list of specifications that precisely define your requirement. The contractors should be asked to give their offer based on the drawings, scope of work and specifications. This brings all contractors to be evaluated on common ground and reduces ambiguities.


• Broad detailed initial construction schedule
• Monthly schedules drawn with contractor – analysis of cash flow requirements and overall progress
• Rigorous fortnightly schedules – generation of bill of materials – actual monitoring of progress at site
• Weekly progress reports – analysis of critical lagging tasks – expediency notes to take corrective actions


• Constant interaction with architects and design engineers
• Proper interpretation of drawings and site conditions
• Review of design drawings for site conditions
• Technical specifications during tender stages
• Quality assurance plan with contractors & material vendors
• Quality responsibility matrix by RACI method
• Quality control checklists for materials and workmanship
• Construction Safety & Insurance Plan by contractor
• Constant and continuous site supervision
• Peer inspection at important stages of construction


• Cost reduction at design stages by value engineering
• Very detailed BOQ and fair cost estimate
• Projected cash-flow schedules
• Just-in-time & Zero-Idle Material Purchase
• Reconciliation of materials consumed at site
• Contractor payments based on actual site measurements
• Documentation of price escalations, changes, unforeseen & ad-hoc works
• Monthly cost summaries


(Maintained by PMC)

Project Control Documents

• Bill of Quantities
• Project Estimate
• Project Schedule
• Tender Specifications
• Responsibility Matrix
• Quality Assurance Plan
• Change Orders

Contractor Documents

• Request for Proposal
• Quotations Register
• Bid Analysis Statements
• Letter of Intent/Contract Agreement
• Notice to Proceed
• M-Book & Contractors Pay Order
• Contract Closure

Site Documents

• Activity Register
• Physical Stock Verification Report
• Workforce (Labour& Equipment) Summary
• Events Log
• Quality Control Checklists

Tracking Documents

• Fortnightly Schedule (Weekly Transmit)
• Weekly Materials Intent
• Daily Report
• Project Schedule Analysis
• Procurement Analysis
• Material Reconciliation Statement
• Project Cost Summary
• Project Progress Summary
(Structure subject to variations based)

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