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Ambattur Industrial Estate
Bar Bending Machine
Batching Plant
Batching adeptalgorithms
Typical Crosshead Supporting Beams 
Bench Bar Bending
Bharath Nagappan
Binding Wire
Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing
Boring Chisel
Wash Boring Chisel & Bailer
Carbide bit
Casing Oscillator
Circular Bench Saw
Column Box

Column boxes are usually fabricated using steel frames and sheets, and commercially available in sizes such as 9"x18", 12"x24" etc. Some times the boxes are adjustable by 3-6 inches on each side. Heights are commonly 10', 7' and rarely 5'. A daily rent is applicable on these boxes and is measured in numbers. The bolts, nuts and other proprietary clamps are included within.

Column box adeptalgorithms

Column Yoke
Column yoke adeptalgorithms
Continuous Flight Auger
Core Barrel
Cost Statement
Cover Blocks
A/E: Architects & Engineers SUB: Subcontractors & Suppliers Courtesy: Wikipedia
Drilling Bucket
Drop Chisel
Drum Mixer
Dry drilling core drill-bit
Earth Auger

Hand-Held Earth Auger

Tractor/Crawler mounted Earth Auger

Expanded Metal Lath
Factors of Production
Factors of production are the inputs needed for the creation of a good or service.
Floating Solar Plant
Full Height Blockwork
Full height cladding
Golden Gale Construction
Groined Ceilings
Hammer Grab
Hand-held Circular Saw
Homogeneous or Scalable works are such that an increase or decrease in the resources used for a given control period achieves a proportionate scaling of quantum of work in that period. This is possible when the throughput of the work is measured in the same unit as the productivity/contribution of the resource. For example, the effort of a back-hoe in excavation, the contribution of cement in concrete and the composition of bricks in masonry are homogeneous. Performance of scaffolding in plastering or tower cranes during erection are non-homogeneous.
Hydraulic Crimping Tool
Hydronic Piping

Hydronics is the system of using water flowing through a maze of piping for cooling or heating a room. The piping system is embedded in the base material of flooring or encapsulated in flooring boards. Read more about the system here.

Inventory Register
Kraft Paper
Lattice-type sheds
Marble/granite bit
Tungsten carbide drill bits for Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles & Glass
Mobile Batching Plant
Mohamed Shameer
Needle Vibrator
PEB building
Pre-engineered building
PEB sheds with masonry walls
Pointing Gun
Polyethylene Waterproofing
Power Trowel
PVC or Ceramic Trims
Radiant Floor Heating
Rebar Hi-Chair

Steel Hi-Chairs

Rebar Tyer
Reverse Circulation Drilling


Reverse Circulation Drill Rig

Rock Auger
Rotary Earth Grinder
Rotary Rock Grinder
Shuttering Board

Construction companies have inventories of shuttering boards, of custom sizes, which are made of sheets/boards, wales and clamps, in custom compositions. The custom boards are identified based on the material and their sizes, e.g. Plywood custom board 12"x8'. Due to the variations in sizes and composition, Baevr treats boards as a pre-assembled product (that is a construction activity transactable as resource).

Ply board adeptalgorithms
Shuttering Sheet
Shutter Sheet adeptalgorithms
Steel Tooth Tricone
Telescopic shuttering joist
Acro span adeptalgorithms Common acro-Span joist
Telescopic Shuttering Props
Props adeptalgorithms
Threaded Sleeve Rebar Coupler
Transit Mixer
Trichy Toll Plaza

TVS Industries
User Fee Collection Plaza

Trichy Toll Plaza

Chengalpet Toll Canopy

Vibratory Hammer
Wall form panels
Wall form panels adeptalgorithms
Welded Wire Fabric
Wet drilling core drill-bit
Wire Tying Tool
Wood carbide drill bit

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