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Concrete floor sanders

Concrete floor sanders adeptalgorithms

Concrete floor sanders

Concrete floor sanders are used in floor polishing or refurbishing of concrete floors. These sanders are generally used to polish concrete exposed floors and prepare the floor for epoxy, urethane or wax coating. It is also used to remove existing floor finishes, paints and sealants on floor surface to expose the floor substrate base. In few cases it can be used to level some imperfections in floor surface.

Leading manufacturers

  • Eibenstock
  • Flex
  • Husqvarna Construction
  • Schwamborn
  • SPARKY Power Tools


  1. Based on operation
  • Disc
  • Planetary
  • Vibrating
  1. Based on applications
  • For concrete floors
  • For stone
  • For wall and ceiling
  • For wood
  • For finishing applications
  • For heavy duty applications

Few of the commercially available Floor sanders are given below

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