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Drilling Rigs

Reverse Circulation drill Rig adeptalgorithms

Drilling Rigs

Multi-purpose Equipment for drilling and bailing, driving liners and piles, place concrete


A rig is an earth handling equipment capable of drilling into earth, driving liners/piles, erecting reinforcement cages and placing concrete/grout into earth and bail material from drill-hole. Following are types of drilling rigs:

  1. Tripod Winch: Tripod Winch Rig comprises of a tripod stand, Single Drum Winch Set and Diesel Engine (rated as 3Ton, 5Ton, 7.5 Ton). Size and arrangement are by far, standard. Tripod winch is perhaps the only form of percussion rig used in boring operations for piling. It is operated with chisels, grabbing tools and/or bailers during boring and access the drilling tool through a drilling shaft. Winch rig can also handle hammer during driving, and also act as crane with a rope for bailing rotary earth augers, erection of reinforcement cages and for tremie concreting. In all cases, the rig may be considered as stand-by to the operation of boring, driving or material handling.
  2. Rotary Rig, Crawler-mounted telescopic boom hydraulic:  This rig operates with Rotary drill-bit such as Earth auger, Rock auger, Core barrel, Drilling bucket or Full-faced rotary grinders. This rig does not require a drilling shaft and also capable of performing material handling operations during bailing of samples, erection of cages and placement of concrete. Maximum boom length (typical value about 42m) is a limiting feature whereas performance is governed by operating power/torque.
  3. Rotary DMC Rig, Truck/Tractor mounted segmented shaft: This rig operates with Rotary drill-bit such as Earth auger, Drilling bucket or Full-faced rotary grinders, for piling operations. The rig is not popularly accepted in quality-conscious construction, as mechanical transmission renders ineffective control of alignment. DMC Rods are used as drilling shaft. 
  4. Rotary RMC Rig: This arrangement comprises of reverse circulation drilling rig, combined with slush & slurry tank, slurry pump, compressor & air supply system and segmented drilling shafts.
  5. Continuous Flight Auger Rig: This rig operates with Continuous flight auger segments, which also acts as the drilling shaft. Pull back capacity (maximum load to which the drilling shaft be pulled back from the bore) may be an important limiting property, whereas performance is related to operating torque.
  6. Rotary Compressed-Air Rig: This rig operates with rotary drill bits in deep bores (typically more than 30m) with small diameters (typically 80-610mm), also supplemented by a compressor and air-cum-drilling shaft segments. Different manufacturers refer compressed-air rig differently either by limiting depth or limiting pull-down or limiting pull-up capacity or a combination, in addition to operating torque. Pneumatic / Hydraulic Traction, Truck/Tractor/Trailer Mounting and torque are used in Baevr.
  7. Percussion Compressed-Air Rig: This rig may be vibratory hammer rig, top hammer (single/double-acting) or down-the-hole (DTH) type and used with tungsten carbide drill bits, compressor and air-cum-drilling shaft segments. The rig has a partial slow rotary arrangement to change the position of drill bit for each percussion. Performance of driving equipment is dependant on the driving force and weight of the hammer

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