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Structural Design Services

Structural Design Services

A brief write-up about structural engineering and design services at Agile Civil Engineers

Structural design is a most important aspect in all construction projects. We work closely with architects, project developers, building owners and contractors so as to achieve the collective vision for a project, delivering effective structural solutions.

Types of Projects:

We have demonstrated our structural engineering capabilities on more than 500 varied types of projects especially ● Residential construction ● Commercial buildings ● Industrial buildings ● Power stations ● Transmission & telecommunication towers ● Solar and wind energy structures ● Water tanks (underground and overhead) ● Check dams & weirs, earthen dams ● Highway bridges & culverts ● Railway bridges & tunnels ● R & D projects


Types of Deliverables:

Our experts have profound experience in all types of structural elements such as ● Foundation design, footings, piles, rafts, wells ● Soil and water retaining structures ● RCC frames, columns, beams, slabs ● Steel frames, columns, EOT crane girders, trusses, mezzanines, chimneys ● Pre-Engineered buildings ● Cladding, façade and glazing structural design ● Composite / Ferrocement / Aluminium / Wood Structure Design


Types of Services:

We help our clients on structural design aspects on a wide spectrum of engineering requirements. This includes ● Conceptual design: at very preliminary stages to decide on the extent and cost of construction ● Preliminary designs and tendering stages: to issue tendering drawings ● Pre-bid services for contractors in design-build projects providing economical designs for best lumpsum offers ● Detail engineering designs to issue GFC drawings with rigorous inter-disciplinary coordination ● Design Calculations DBR for getting approval from competent authority and submission to local bodies ● Procurement of statutory approval for structural drawings and calculations from authorised authorities such as local government bodies and independent consultants ● Peer review: safer and economical structural designs for owners & contractors ● Finite Element Analysis: usually applicable for plant structures such as boilers, pipelines and other robust assemblies, including static and dynamic analysis ● Fabrication & shop drawings: which includes shop drawings for steel structures, bar-bending schedules, shuttering drawings etc. ● Building information modelling: (BIM) for database driven five dimensional structural modelling integrating construction, operation and maintenance.  ● MTO, BOQ and tender documents: for structural items, bill of quantities for concrete, rebar, shuttering, bill of materials for steel structures and tender schedules ● Site supervision: quality control of structural works by employing competent supervisors at site, issue of NCR on quality aspects ● Peer Inspection: expert site inspection, clearance of RFI & NTP on important stages of construction such as pre-concreting. ● Structural forensics: inspection and investigation of cracks and other forms of distress in existing buildings and other structures ● Maintenance & Rehabilitation: providing design and specifications of rehabilitation and repair of existing buildings with cracks and distress and maintenance measures of the same.

Code Compliance:

We comply to following Codes and Standards in design ● Bureau of Indian Standards (Is: 456, IS: 800, IS: 801, IS: 875, IS: 1893, IS: 13920 and all other relevant codes) ● International Building Code IBC ● American Codes of Practice (ASCE, AISC, ACI, PCI and other relevant standards) ● British (BS), EuroCode (EN) and German Standards (DIN) ● Middle East relevant Codes – Saudi Engineering SEC, Aramco SAES , Abudhabi ADIBC ● Association codes – MBMA


Software in Use:

● Structural analysis and design STAAD-Pro, ETABS, SAFE ● Drawing: AutoCAD ● BIM: Revit ● Finite Element: ANSYS ● GIS: ArcGIS for AutoCAD, QGIS

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