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How many Excel Sheets will you maintain?

Confusion of many excel sheets adeptalgorithms

How many Excel Sheets will you maintain?

As many files as tasks and as many versions as team members

The statement cannot be truer: your team uses as many excel spreadsheets as there are tasks and as many versions as the number of participants. Of course, we can substantiate – here is a list of common management tasks in construction and tools used for the same.

It cannot be over-emphasised that the highest common denominator in the above table is Excel. Indeed, we should have been happy had all of them been on one workbook. But, there are separate workbooks for each of these tasks, because each task is initiated, managed and maintained by a different department of your organization. Each contributor to the workbook, creates their own sweet version, as well. (Probably, version control is a little easier if there is a file-sharing system in place in the firm). None of these workbooks gets updated together and the nightmare is when you have to scrutinize all this multitude of excel files when you urgently need some report.

This infamous document control problem in construction firms has one method of solution, that is to let all department use only one file or database to manage all tasks. This one file or database should be capable of describing the project, to the needs of each department and each task. This is exactly what Baevr CPMC has created to transform the way in which we work. Baevr presents to you a single database wherein all construction works are broken down in a unique WBS, that is operable by every department in your firm.

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