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Modules & Features in Baevr

Module wise unique features adeptalgorithms

Modules & Features in Baevr

Integrated management method that caters to just about every practical situation in construction


  • Forecast schedule
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Resource requirement forecast
  • Earned value analysis
  • Value exceptions
  • Consumption exceptions
  • Tracking gantt
  • Notation wise progress report
  • Procurement exceptions
  • Actual cost to invoice cost exceptions
  • Invoice cost to payments exceptions
  • Baseline summary
  • Variation summary
Project cost details adeptalgorithms

Site Register

  • Registers site progress based on tracking parameter
  • Site progress should be as per defined logic
  • Material receipts, transfers, used and closing can be entered differentially for different materials
  • Auto fill equipments based on previous days equipments
  • Manpower and equipment registers
  • Resources can be billable to user or contractor
  • Payment vouchers based on invoices raised
  • Site notes register
Site Register adeptalgorithms


  • Generates forecast schedule based on site progress
  • Auto update purchase plan based on forecast schedule

Purchase Plan

  • Autogenerates purchase intents
  • Facilitates purchase plans


  • Detailed measured stage inspection with inspection takeoff
  • Measurements can be period based or cumulative; calculations will be done at back end
  • Daily progress entered in site register will be reconciled based on inspection measurements
  • Physical stock verification register on all materials and plant
  • Invoicing purchase, hire and wages based on billable register transactions
  • Invoicing contract payments based on contract agreement
  • General invoice for non-plan expenses
  • Invoicing to client based on contract measurement
  • Invoice balances are maintained in system
Project Inspections schedule summary adeptalgorithms

Work Front

  • Permits linear, cyclic and parallel work fronts
  • Each work front can be quantified notationwise
  • Frontwise schedule is generated from the schedule logic and adapted accordingly

Works (BOQ)

  • WBS > Workgroup > Notations > Takeoff > Geometry
  • Parametric takeoff
  • Input from AutoCAD
  • Tracking parameter for reporting progress
Project Works adeptalgorithms


  • Workgroups can be scheduled
  • Forward scheduling only with quantity lag
  • Relations between works
Project overall Schedule adeptalgorithms

Contract (Receivable & Payable)

  • Can assign scope of resources to contract
  • Can assign rates for contracts at activity level, work level, combination of works or project stages
  • Generates complete contract agreement
  • Contract payments can be deferred stagewise along with retentions
Project Contracts adeptalgorithms


  • Has a unique classification of resources based on substitutability of equivalent resources
  • Classification system can be over-ridden by user
  • Credit Period and Procurement lead can be defined for each resource
  • Maintains Rate History
  • Takes Fixed, Purchase, Hire and Operating Costs
  • Can substitute a resource with another at design-time or real-time
  • Overtime and high-effort manpower are replaceable resources
Project Resources in Baevr software adeptalgorithms


  • Has a unique classification of activities based on substitutability of equivalent activities
  • Classification system can be over-ridden by user
  • Pre-populated rate analysis database for global construction industry
  • Minimum combinations of activities are used in design-time
  • Activities can be combined to form composite activities to fit generic construction scenario
Construction Project Activities summary adeptalgorithms


  • Baselines of schedules can be created
  • Change orders can be saved on variation notes
Construction Planning Management and Control adeptalgorithms


  • Can accept any units including user defined units

Unique Features

  1. Materials, workforce, equipment, contracts, assembled products and semi-manufactured goods are treated differently for their different nature in project management, material management and accounts.
  2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS-BOQ) forms the backbone of project management. BAEVR permits BOQ of any desired level of accuracy and eliminates the need of manual approval system of intents and measurements. Reasonable BOQ lets the software track site intents, contractor payments, work optimization and change orders.
  3. Simplified real-time scheduling and tracking (RTS & DRS) of site using a powerful feature called tracking parameter for quick measure of work plan and progress. Project schedule analysis and material reconciliation analysis is enabled by regular scheduling and tracking.
  4. Contractual relationships can be defined for all type of contracts to finest details – daily-wage, item-rate, lump-sum, labour contract, general contract, turnkey contract, BOT types or other generic formats. Contractor agreement with scope and terms of payment are analytic and automated. Inventory of contractor is considered for project management but excluded for company inventory. Contractor quotations are automatically analysed against component prices.
  5. Periodic Stage Inspections of site are made based on the BOQ and forms the basis for Work-in-progress in accounting. M-Books are written against stage inspections. M-Books cannot exceed stage measurements and stage measurements cannot exceed BOQ measurements. Thus, erratic measurements are eliminated and reconciliation of material consumption for works completed is possible.
  6. Reports and Analysis in BAEVR is amazingly generic, customized and integrated across all modules and across entire organization. Bill of materials for projects, intents for schedules, what-if analysis of product cost variations, analysis of project performance for cost/schedule, material reconciliation analysis, contractor performance analysis, variance reports for change orders, parametric cost analysis, range estimation, equipment turnaround analysis, project cash flow schedules, value engineering reports, exception report for contingencies, recognized time analysis, construction log report, productivity summary and completion certification are examples of few reports/analysis available in BAEVR

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