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Rate Analysis for Plastering in CM

Plastering adeptalgorithms

Rate Analysis for Plastering in CM

A calculator for rate analysis of plastering, various cases including special efforts

Plastering in Cement Mortar

We present a worksheet to calculate rate analysis of different sub-varieties of plastering in cement mortar. The sheet examines components of plastering works according to major government rate handbooks, especially that from CPWD. This is an ordinary excel worksheet where grey coloured cells are permitted for editing – you can change the values in these cells. accordingly, the rates will be recalculated. After making necessary changes in values, you can select the cells (entire range or BOQ range) and copy them to an Excel sheet on your desktop for further calculations.

Following cases are examined in this worksheet:

  1. Any cement mortar mix such as 1:6, 1:5, 1:4 etc can be analysed
  2. Aggregate may be fine sand, coarse sand or stone dust. Quantities remain mostly constant for type of aggregate, although rates may differ
  3. Plastering thickness usually ranges as 12mm, 15mm and 20mm. Sometimes, thin plaster layers such as 6mm may be used, but requires the surface to be free of undulations.
  4. Analysis is based on a single coat. A floating coat or 6mm overcoat may be additionally provided
  5. Additional manpower for bands are considered for four types of bands: Flush bands, Recessed bands, Raised bands and Moulded bands
  6. Additional manpower is considered for following type of ceilings/walls: cylindrical, spherical, groined ceilings, flewing soffits, mouldings
  7. Additional scaffolding and carriage for heights above 10m is also considered

Mobile users please double tap on the cells to edit.

About Rate Analysis

The aggregation of rate analysis evolved as part of our development efforts for our construction management software Baevr. We will frequently publish worksheets for rate analysis for different items of works. Different standard data books from government departments were consulted for this. The calculations are predominantly based on CPWD coefficients that is widely used in this country.

If you find any bugs in calculations, please report to support@adeptalgorithms.com. Users are requested to validate the calculations with one or more samples, before putting the sheet to commercial use. We welcome you to offer your suggestions on this attempt.

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