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Power Trowels

Power trowels adeptalgorithms

Power Trowels

Survey of types of power troweling tools for concrete surface and screed

Types of Power Trowels

Power Trowels are used to finish uniform and smooth surface on a freshly placed concrete screed. Troweling is achieved with high-speed rotating blades that polish the surface while moving with/without wheels. Throughput of the machine is measured in square meters per hour. The productivity is dependant on blade diameter, power, number of blades and number of discs. All models are operated on Petrol/Gasoline, consumed in per hour of operation.

A primary classification of power trowels is based on the manner of operation: Walk-Behind models are pushed by the operator, whereas in Ride-On models operator rides over the equipment.  Remotely operated systems are also now entering the market.

Ride-on trowels are characterized by one or two discs.  Many manufacturers such as Allen, Dynamic, MBW, Verdini and Wacker manufacture Ride-on trowels with blade diameters 36, 42 or 46″, with 4,5 or 8 blades.

Walk-behind trowels have one disc. Wacker, Allen, Dynamic and Multiquip make models with 36, 46or 48″ blade diameters with 4-5 blades.


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